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Graveyard Ghouls: "Halloween ends" [01 Dec 2005|10:43am]

The Graveyard Ghouls, Amanda, Jeremy, Heather, Skip and Blake walked down Main street, heading towards the enemy base. The base was the tallest building in Metro City and it housed all the criminals and super villians that had turned the city into a wasteland.

The five figures looked upon their target, "You know our time here is short..Halloween will be over soon and we will be forced back into our graves." said Blake. "Then we don't have anytime to waste, let us summon the army of zombie children." said Heather as she raised her hands into the air.

The ground began to shake. The concrete cracked and split as smoke and ashes erupted from ground. An army then arose, an army of zombie children who hungered to devour evil. The army covered the entire street from building to building, street corner to street corner, the ground beneath them could not be seen. They surrounded the building and began forcing their way in.

"What is going on out there?! Don't these kids know trick or treating in this town is dangerous!? Why are there so many of them, I thought we destroyed the Zoo there should be no Halloween parade. Why are they all dressed up like Zombies?" said Earl a street thug who watched in horror as the kids burst throught he doors and windows. Earl didn't last long before he was eaten. Nor did any of the first few floors of criminals.

The Graveyard Ghouls looked to the roof. "The kids are coming up from the bottom, we'll start at the top and work our way down, then we'll meet in the middle and the city will be rid of these parasites." said Jer. "I guess this is where I come in.." Amanda said as she powered up, "I SUMMON THE BATS OF CASTLEVANIA!" The sky became black as a legion of bats poured out from the clouds surrounding the Ghouls and lifting them into the sky. "Wait a second! I am the castlevania buff, why do you get to summon the bats?" yelled Jeremy in confusion. "Because Blake is writing the story and he said so!" yelled Amanda.
The bats dropped them ontop of the building and they began the onslaught.

Criminals ripped to pieces, even Daygoon the mighty crime boss was easily destroyed. Chainsaws, screams, shovel slicing, flesh and skin ripping, random attacks being yelled out could be heard through the building. For the badguys, this was the worst Halloween ever.
For the city it was cleansing that would promise a new birth of life in Metro city.

The damage was done and the evil was devoured.
The army of zombie kids went back to their resting place after playing a friendly game of dodgeball with the GraveYard Ghouls.
"I love those zombie kids, they are so cute." said Heather as the kids returned back to the ground.
"I agree, we should summon them more often." said Amanda.

Jer stood with his friends, knowing that sunrise was only a moment away and they would return to the grave. "Thank you my friends, I am done with this chainsaw and mask. I am going to go find Jason and Chris and return the BBC back to it's state so this will never happen again.

The sun then came up and the sunlight shot like a beam into the Ghouls....
They fell to the ground.

"Graveyard Ghouls you have done well, you saved the city, for that you have earned more time here on earth arise with the new life and continue to fight evil."
Said a booming voice from above.

"God?" questioned Blake.

"No Brother, This is HULKAMANIA! I grant you all new super powers! The Grave YARD GHOULS ARE GONE FOR A SEASON, but you five shall arise as a new team. Say your prayers and take your vitamins, and let Hulkamania run wild forever!!" said the booming voice.

All the members got up and discovered they were no longer zombies, but human again, super human that is.

A green cape floated down and wrapped itself around Blake along with a black mask. A mixture of wind and water blew around him.
Heather was covered by vampire bats and given a black cape and Bat mask.
Skip was engulfed in a blue flame, given a welding helmet and a torch
A scarf and sunglasses fell upon Jeremy
Amanda stood with no new gift..

"Hulkster!!! WAIT I DIDN'T GET A POWER!" she screamed.

"look inside yourself Brother and find the SuperHero in you! WHATCHA GONNA DO!!" said the voice as it faded away.

"Let's go find our friends."

"Team Go!!!"
they all screamed like annoying Anime characters!
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BBC..back from the dead!? [08 Nov 2005|01:42pm]

The city is left in destruction, all hope appears lost.
All the supervillian crime bosses have turned the huge metro into a haven for theives, killers and evil of all sorts.

All hope appeared lost until at a major crime meeting, the leaders of this new hell all found themselves, dead.

The other villians came upon the scene.
Blood soaked walls and people whom appeared to have been partly eaten..

Most of them had their head ripped open and their brains were gone.

"I don't believe this.."
said Daygoon, a mob leader.

"Looks like whoever did this left some kind of a mark."

Along the wall above the meeting table, blood and body parts have been used to spell out "GraveYardGhouls".

"Whoever these freaks are, I want them brought to be Alive so I can make them suffer..!!!"
screamed Daygoon.

Meanwhile, Jer/Leahterface worked in his shelter, repairing his chainsaw by adding a new chain. He worked quietly until he heard someone outside.
He fired up his saw and burts through the front door, but he could not believe what he saw...

There stood his friends only they were zombies..

Heather, Blake, Amanda and there was a face he didn't recognize with them.

"Jeremy..." they all said and walked towards him.

He swung with his chainsaw but it was blocked by Blake's Shovel..

"We aren't here to hurt you, we have returned from the dead to help you save the city." said Heather

"Yeah, we need to get the BBC back together and bring this city some justice!" said Amanda.

Jeremy looked blankly at them..
"I don't know what happened to Chris or Jason, they both left the city."

"Fine, this should be enough, Meet Skip, our new zombie friend."
said Blake.

"This city needs saving, with the BBC dead, The Graveyard Ghouls are on this job."
said Blake
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BBC enter the graveyard [03 Nov 2005|12:45pm]

When we last left our heroes, Blake, Heather, and Amanda had all been killed by Danzig.
Jer had transformed into a Leatherface type and cut Danzig to pieces, then he cut off Danzig's face and wore it as a mask. Chris and Jason got freaked out by this and ran away.

The Tarasquad regrouped and enducted Laura Love, the sxe ninja into their ranks.

Since then 2 months have passed in BBC world.

The entire city realized The BBC were good guys and had a huge memorial service for the fallen heroes.
Leatherface Jer did not attend.
Jason and Chris rode Voltron in and did a sword salute to their friends.
Eyes full of tears, Chris and Jason were all that was left of the BBC.

After the service Chris and Jason held a meeting with the media.

"We are here to annouce that we are no longer going to be the BBC, with only the two of us, The BBC is forever lost." said Jason.

"We thank you all for being such jerks and not believing in us until our team mates were dead."
Said Chris as he walked off stage and flew away into the distance.

Jason then jumped into Voltron and flew away..that was the last anyone had seen of the BBC...

The two months have been hell..
Crime has sky rocketed.
Supervillans have formed new alliances and there is noone left to defend the city.
The Tarasquad has been MIA..
The city is helpless and burning to the ground.

Meanwhile in the real hell...

A leatherfaced jer fights his way through armies of demons, until he reaches his goal...


"How did you get here??!!" screamed Danzig

"You asked if I wanted to find hell with you, so Danzig..please show me what it's like..." Jer said as he attacked Danzig. The two battled, chainsaws buzzing, "Mothers!" screaming..
"Danzig! You killed my friends, so I killed you! You have them trapped here, release their souls from your skull forest or I will kill you, again." said Jer and he fired up his chainsaw..

No matter how hard jer fought he couldn't kill Danzig again, he was already in Hell..soon Jer started to fade away and he was teleported back to the graveyard where his friends were buried..

"I tried my friends, I tried..I will not give up" he said has he walked away into the darkness..

The city now full of death and crime was becoming a pure wasteland.

Leatherface Jer fought crime but he stood no chance by himself.

weeks went by and things got worse, the police were all killed, the officals that ran the city were all killed and their positions filled by supervillians who had turned the city into a sfe haven for all supervillians...

One night during their meeting all the light went out, and three figures were seen in the room..The sound of a dragggin shovel was heard and "BRAINS!" was screamed followed by the sound of screaming and crunching and chewing..
The next morning the room was found by other villians..

The walls were covered in smeared blood..
"it looks like somebody exploded." said one of the vilians..
"All their brains have been ripped out and are missing.."

The city began to wonder what force could have killed that many villians..

The graves of Blake, Amanda and Heather were found to be dug up and empty..

What could all of this mean??
Why would someone steal their bodies?
Are Chris and Jason going to come back and help the city?
Does leatherfaces' chainsaw run out of gas??

All this and more next time on BBC!
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The FINAL Chapter of "Why Danzig Why?" THE BBC DIES! [21 Oct 2005|02:03pm]

Evil Danzig, The TArasquad and The BBC all stand in the remains of the prison.

"Well, thanks for getting me out of that hell, I'll make sure I make your skull into a awesome hood ordament!" Screamed Danzig as he attacked the BBC by growing in size and running them into the ground.
Amanda jumped out fo the way and threw a blast but it had no effect on him.

Tara-REX Jumped between Danzig and Amanda and roared then chomped down on his upper half. (remeber Tara is a T-rex right now) Unfortunalty her bite could not puncture his thick skin and danzig grabed her by her tail and threw her far away into a mountainside.

Stephanie Moses and Steph Spencer powered up and attacked the giant werewolf.
Moses threw a spell at him to freeze him then Steph Spencer used her starfire blast dropping Danzig to his knees. The two flew at Danzig for another attack, yet he jumped over then grabbing their heads and pounding them together knocking them both out!

Then Laura Love screamed behind him as her eyes started to glow dark purple...

"I've had enough of you Danzig...HATEFUL STARES!!!!!"
Her eyes erupted with a purple blast knocking Danzig backwards.

Laura then followed with a series of punches and kicks but Danzig regained himself and grabbed Laura's head and knocked her out with a PELVIC THRUST! Danzig then let out a howl rendering the rest of the Tarasquad unconcious. Danzig then picked up one of the memebers and ate her!!!
Blood running down his mouth he grew in size and power!

"No way!" screamed Amanda.

"Chris, Jer and Jason, load up as many of these Tarasquad members as you can into Voltron, Amanda, Heather and myself will take Danzig on until you guys can get them to safety!"
Blake stood with Amanda and Heather and Attacked Danzig.

The battle was intense with every punch or kick landed buckets of blood would pour out from the impact.

Everything Blake, Amanda and Heather threw at him, he was not harmed by, Danzig was just too strong. Amanda was the first to go...grabbing her by the head and feet then breaking her back over his knee Danzig then crushed Amanda's lifeless body into the ground...her final resting place.

Heather and Blake stared in shock...

"that monster.." Heather began to cry. Heather became engulfed in Black and Blue flames and attacked Danzig her attacks burned Danzig to the bone on some parts of his body, but she could not stand up to his "die die die my darling attack". The attack transformed Heather into a bride but then put a stake through her heart and then Danzig, just like he did Amanda crushed her deep into the ground.

Blake was left alone to face the monster that had just killed both his friends. Looking to his left Blake grabbed a shovel and went to town all over Danzig even cutting off one of Danzig's arms with the shovel. Danzig still proved to be too much as he hit Blake with the Skull Forest Attack, a million skulls rained from the skies upon Blake until he was buried in skulls and gave up his last breath.

Jeremy arrived just as he saw his friend die.

Something evil stirred inside him and he began to transform...

"AAAGGGHHH!!!" Jer screamed as he became larger and stronger then a Chainsaw appeared in his hand. Jeremy then ripped Danzig to shreds, cutting off his face and putting it on his own. After Jer killed Danzig and put on his face, Jason became very creeped out and he and everyone else left the scene..

So ends the BBC.

Killed in battle...
Gone crazy from grief...
scared to death of what they had seen that day....

Next episode...
there are no more...The BBC is dead!

or are they?
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why danzig why?? prt 3! [20 Oct 2005|12:31pm]

When we last left our heroes the authorities had them and Evil Danzig surrounded.

The helicpoters surrounded the group wielding miniguns ready to fire the first person who moved.

Danzig left out a howl and was turned into swiss cheese by the miniguns. The BBC stood scared for their lives until Jason summoned Voltron!

Voltron dropped down and the BBC all jumped inside, once inside Jason drove Voltron back to the secret BBC headquarters of The Culbertson Mansion. Deep beneth the graveyard and the Mansion The BBC and the mysterious ninja collected what had just happened.

"Those shots couldn't have killed Danzig, it takes silver bullets to kill a werewolf, but I guarantee they have him in a maximum prison." said Jeremy.

"That's not all, my DS has a message from our friends the Tararsquad! They were under attack and now they have been imprisoned as well." said Heather as she read her DS.
"The Tarasquad is set for execution along with Danzig tomorrow! The United States sees them as a threat and now they have a price tag on our heads!" screamed Heather.

Then the mysterious ninja removed her mask...

The BBC's jaws dropped in disbelief.

"LAURA LOVE!!!???? You are the great ninja!?" yelled Chris.

"It has been quite some time my friends, but I came in search of help from Blake and Jeremy, then I planned to go find Tara and go back to my home village and fight off a terrible evil that has taken over, but it seems you all have much larger problems at hand, I am here to help and hopefully you all can come help me after we free our friends." said Love.

"of course we will!" said Amanda.

"Laura it is good to see you again, your help here will be crucial." said Jeremy.

"Let's rescue our friends, get Danzig under our control and meet the Authorities head on and blow that prison wide open." said Chris as the Black and Blue crew suited up.

All of the members dressed in all black with a blue Bat symbol on the chest.

Meanwhile inside the prison,
"I don't wanna be here in your london dungeon" sang Danzig as he leaned against the wall.
"Would you shut up!? You've been singing that song for the last 3 hours!" yelled Tara as she gave Danzig the evil eye from the jail cell across from him.
"Look runt, you'd better watch your mouth or when I do kill you, I'll make sure it's slow and painful!"

"yeah right "glen" this prison strips you of your powers just like it does the rest of us." said Stephanie Moses.

Outside of the Prison the BBC moved through treetops, "The tower in the center of the prison is a device that absorbs all superpowers, that's how they are keeping all of our friends powerless." said chris as he analyized the area with his DS.

"Heather we have to make this as dramatic as we can, give us some cover darkness...let's move." said Blake.

The guards in front of the prison notice a change in the sky..

"Hey earl, why is it so dark out here??"
"I dunno, jebidai, what the heck is that on the Horizon.."

"it looks like 6 figures...coming to destroy the world!!! and a Giant robot!"

The sky is blackened and the BBC powers up screaming as black and blue flames cover the land.


The guards then open fire...

"so be it. Everyone ready...let's do it!"

The BBC all stand in a line even Voltron stands in the line up as they put their hands together by their waists....

"KA-ME-HA-ME-HHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!" They all send a huge Kamameha blast that destroys the front of the prison and the tower. Then all of the super powers of their friends are released.

A huge T-rex erupts from inside the Prison along with an army of people flying on broomsticks and casting spells.Danzig jumps through the roof as a werewolf. The prison is over taken and the TS escapes along with Danzig and the BBC.

more to come later......
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Here is what I emailed to Holly [15 Oct 2005|11:45am]


Hello, I am glad to say I think our haunted house is running well this year and we seem to be getting overall a good response from people. City Blood, let's face it they don't know how to review. They just label themselves as reviewers and all of their reviews seemed pretty lame, all they seem to care about is the props, enough about them though, let's move on to the house.

I have a few concerns. The second night of the house I wanted to work outside. I didn't feel that there was any room in the house I could fill, my type of character just wasn't in the house. So I got zombied up, headed outside, found a shovel and went along my merry way.

Every spook has a nitch, every spook is better at some things than others. I couldn't be leather face, or a gargoyle..there are jobs certain spooks can and certain jobs spooks cannot do. I am not writing this to be prideful, or arrogant in anyway, you know me well enough that I am a pretty down to earth guy.

The next weekend , Amanda and Heather came outside to work with me and Skip. These girls were amazing, the chemisty we all four have outside is not like anything I have had working at a haunted house before. I'll admit, one zombie is not scary by any means, but when you have four who stay in character all night, have routines and skits worked out and constantly work with each other as a team to mess with people it works, and even those chumps of City Blood thought that it worked well.

Here is my problem, I am not knocking the other spooks but I don't feel that the other spooks (outside of skip, amanda and heather) well I don't think being a Zombie is their nitch. Like I said I don't want you to think I think they are horrible spooks, but being in character all night and working as a team is hard for some people.
Acting like a zombie is hard for some people, especially all night. Others who have come out have a big problem with breaking character and just talking to people they know, ruining the experiance for the whole group. Or not working with us as a team, not to mention doing really stupid crap like taking a guys hat and chewing on it, for real! The guy was not too happy about that.

The fact that a large part of the house wants to work outside confuses me because before we started this Zombie team thing, not very many people cared. People have different things they are good at and I don't want to sound mean, but for some, zombies just isn't one of them.
I don't know names, but the girl from the blue face room, her talent is so much stronger in there, The really big guy who spooked with us last night, yeah he's big and scary, but he is much bigger and even more scary with a chainsaw or cornering someone in a room, not rolling around on the ground and chewing on people's hats.

I understand you have a problem, you have a house you have to fill.
You have spooks who want to work outside.
I understand the house comes first, we have to fill those rooms and that doesn't bother me at all that's the way it needs to be, we have to have a fully running haunted house but when we do have enough people to go outside, I feel like the outside is our "room" and when everyone in the house keeps trying to get in our "room" I feel it messes with the awesome chemistry and design we already have going. It's just like the clowns from back in the day, they had about four clowns who were amazing and worked so well together they didn't need any other clowns. What they had going worked.

We have a routine, we have a team, and we work well together. I would like to keep this going, it seems to be a great new way to spook outside with a team of zombies.

So in closing, sorry this is so long but I wanted to let you know what was going on with me and the rest of the graveyard ghouls.
I will be there tonight for a short while, but tonight and the 29th are the only nights of the entire season that I will not be around the whole time. Thank you for reading and taking my thoughts into consideration,

your spooktacular friend,
Shovel, I mean...Blake..
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"Why Danzig Why?" prt 2 [26 Sep 2005|11:11am]

Heather looks around and blinks a few times as she wakes up from passing out. She is in the control room of the BBC and she sees her friends glued to the large tv screen.

"If you see any of these freaks, stay far away and contact the autorities immeditly!" screams the FBI offical as he loads his guns.

"This is bad." says Jason.

"So we are being set up, let's go crush the guy doing this, hand him over to the authorities and clear our names!" says Jeremy.

"Right, but we have to be careful, they are hunting for us. Let's split into groups of two;

Amanda and Jer take the southend of town

Heather and Jason head out to the park, 6 of killings have happened there

Chris and myself will search the downtown distric where the monster was last spotted, let's go!"
says Blake as they all team up and head out.

Amanda and Jeremy leap from rooftop to rooftop, searching but finding nothing.
"Alright Amanda, I'm going to search the alleys below, you keep the rooftop search going, you know what to do if you need me." Jeremy then jumps down through the fog to the alley below.

Amanda continues her search leaping through the shadows until she feels like something is behind her.
Amanda freezes and feel warm breath on the back of her neck, a roar comes from behind and huge claws slash at Amandas back, she jumps forward and turns to face her attacker.

His eyes are blood red, his size is that of a grizzly bear, his claws long and razor sharp his teeth are like bloody daggers, he is a werewolf.

The werewolf grabs Amanda by the hair and holds her high above his head, preparing the smash her into the ground. "No! Not this time! I always get owned!" Then Amanda powers up and the werewolf releases his grip floating in the air infront of him she screams and throws a blast knocking the werewolf through the building. Amanda flys toward the attacker as he gets up she uppercuts him high into the air....she then releases her black cat scream blast and her attacker falls crashing into the building top smoking..
"Well, that wasn't so hard." she laughs as she dusts herself off.
Then the beast stands up and transforms into ...what appears to be DANZIG!!!
"No way!" Amanda stumbles backwards and throws her hand into the air to call for JEremy but Danzig teleports behind her and punches her in the back dropping her face first to the ground.
"Foolish girl, your BBC is done for and you shall be the first to DIE!" screams evil danzig as he puts his foot on her head.
He starts to apply pressure then a kick to the face knocks him off the building.
A ninja stands over Amanda and helps her up.
"You okay?" the ninja asks.
"Yeah, thanks, who are you?" asks Amanda.

"Just know I am a friend." replies the mysterious ninja.

Danzig then jumps back unto the building top and starts his attack, the two fight with him hand to hand but he is evil Danzig and he starts to get the upper hand. Grabbing the two by the heads he jumps off the building and crushes their heads into the pavement below.
"Let them go!" Screams Blake as he arrives on the scene.

"HAHAHA, tell me Lockman, why should I?" laughs evil Danzig as he grows in size.

"Because you value your life!!!" screams Blake as he attacks.

Blake's kick doesn't do much damage, then the entire BBC shows up and surrounds Evil Danzig.

Amanda and the ninja then get up and limp over to their friends.

"Alright you imposter! We'll see how strong you are when you face up to the REAL DANZIG!" says JEremy and he and Blake fuse..but the fusion is a failure..
"It's didn't work!?" says Blake..


"No Danzig, you lost your powers when you got punched out and everyone saw it on the interenet...your powers were ashamed of you and left, we didn't steal anything!' laughed Jeremy.

Helicopters then surrounded the team and an army of police, FBI and CIA errupted from all around.

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!" with guns, and bazookas drawn, the officals have the upperhand.

What will happen to our heroes?
Will they ever be able to use the powers of danzig again?
Who is the ninja?
Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!
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[21 Sep 2005|05:59pm]

I am working on the murder mystery BBCTS issue titled; "Why Danzig Why?"

here is a teaser until I finish;

The televison screen puts a soft blue glow inside the dark headquaters of the Black and Blue Crew. "A killing spree, murders have occured in Metro City, 12 vicitms in all have been found, all with strange wounds to the head..." Chris then interupts the news cast with his video game. "I finally go it to work Heather! This game is going to be so amazing!" Chris screamed with excitment as he jumped onto the couch where Heather was sitting. "Chris! TURN OFF YOUR GAME!! I WAS WATCHING THE NEWS!!" Heather begins to power up and Chris immediatly jumps and turns off his game...

"I saw this huge wolf jump down off the building..then it turned into a man with big muscles and long black hair..he grabbed my girlfriend and screamed.."MOTHER!"..(the redneck man said as he started to break down into tears)...then..he rammed her head into his huge skull belt buckle..blood was everywhere and he keep screaming and I ran away..he killed..her.." The reporter then questioned " A murderer is running a rampage in metro city, all the victims appear to be pelvic thrusted to death..could this be the work of the greatest superheroes the BBC? Is their leader Danzig the monster that is doing this!? Until we find out, the metro police have teamed with the FBI and CIA to hunt down the BBC and TARASQUAD to find their connections to the murders."

Heather and Chris blankly started into the screen.."Heather, I think we are in trouble."
Heathers eyes roll back and she passes out.

Are Blake and JEREMY responsible?
IS this the end of the BBC and Tarasquad?
Does Mayonaise really grow hair after being left in the sun!?
Find out next time on BBCTS!
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[20 Sep 2005|08:31am]

This is really random..but i like how we have White Castle as an interest.
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The BBC/Tarasquad meets the Emoformers Part 1. [19 Sep 2005|08:04pm]

It was a calm, fall evening and the members of the BBC were hanging out at their headquarters. It had been a time of peace since the alliance of the BBC and the Tarasquad. There had been no battle, the beast called Drama was sent back to hell where it belongs, and everyone was happy. Amanda and Heather were playing MASH with Chris and Blake, Jeremy was playing Castlevania, and Jason was watching. All was peaceful. All of a sudden, Heather's Nintendo DS/Scanner/Communicator began to beep. "Hmm, that'd odd." She said as she walked over to pick it up. She flipped open the screen to see a message from Tara, the leader of the Tarasquad. The message read:

Dear friends,
My scanners are beeping off the wall. There is a strange force of STRONG energy coming from the Highlands. I have no idea what this is. My squad and I are going to investigate it right now. We have no idea if this force is good or evil, but your backup would be much appreciated. If you can come and help out, be there...now!

"Well guys, you know what this means..." Blake said. "Aww...but times are so peaceful right now," Jeremy replied, "Can't I finish this level on Castlevania?" "No, I'm afriad not. The Tarasquad needs us so we need to be there for them." Blake said. "Let's just hope this energy force is nothing to really worry about." Chris said. "When do we ever have anything to worry about?" asked Amanda, "We are the BBC. We have Danzig on our side."

The BBC geared up and began their journey to the Highlands. In the distance, they could see pink and yellow flames surrounding the area. "This can't be good." Heather said. "I sure am going to miss that time of peace." said Jason. The BBC approaced the area, where they say the Tarasquad floating in the air. There were pink blasts being fired at them. Tara looked down to see the members of the BBC standing there, looking confused. "BLACK AND BLUE CREW! This force is strong than I thought, pleas hel..." but before Tara could finish her sentence, she was cut off by the words "BROKEN HEART ATTACK!" and fifty pieces of a broken heart came flying at her, sending her into a building. "Broken heart attack!?! What's that?!" asked Jeremy. From behind a building, a young man rose. He was dressed in girl pants, a t-shirt that read "DON'T CRY EMO KID"! and there were pink stars and hearts surrounding him. "I am Nathan," said the young man, "I am the leader of the Emoformers, and we are here to destroy this city!" "But why do you want to harm this city?!? What did it ever do to you?" asked Amanda. "What did this city ever do to me?!?" Nathan asked with a chuckle, "I'll tell you what this city did to me. This city broke my heart. I gave it all away to a girl from here, I told her that with my one last gasping breath I'd apologize for bleeding on her shirt. Then she took my heart and tore it up in little pieces. Then I took a spoon, dug out her blue eyes, and swallowed them down to my colan! Now it burns like hell tonight! And I'm pissed!" Then a group of fifty emo kids, including Phil, rose up behind Nathan. "We are wishful thinkers with the worst intentions! Now her hair is everywhere, screaming infidelities and taking it's wear! Destroy them!" said Nathan.

What will happen between the BBC, the Tarasquad, and the Emoformers? Will the BBC/Tarasquad finally be conquered? Find out next time, when The BBC/Tarasquad alliance meets the Emoformers continues!
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[19 Sep 2005|07:58pm]

For one of my special attacks, this is what I want...

I will have the "Hallelujah lock and load" attack where a group of 1,000 angels will appear around me with guns that shoot firey blasts at my enemies!

It will be awesome.
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BBC episode 15 [19 Sep 2005|03:51pm]

"I thought this was the meeting place?" asked Chris to his friends. "It is Chris, they'll be here." replied Heather. "Well they need to hurry up, I'm ready to squash those punks and go eat." said Amanda as she paced back and forth in the crowded coffee shop. "Can somebody tell me why we said we'd meet them here? We HATE this place, it's like walking into their homebase...we are on their turf here."
said Jeremy as he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, staring at the floor.

The four wait anxiously in the coffee shop while the busy city moves outside. High above them an army waits. All flying in the clouds the TARASQUAD awaits the command of their leader...TARA!
"Alright troops I see 67 of the 82 members have shown up for this fight, we don't have time to wait on the others to show." said the blonde girl as she faced her warriors. "The Black and Blue Crew have taken up too much of our territory, so we must show them who exactly runs this city! Now everyone power up to your full strength! When they feel the ultimate power we have they will bow before us! AAAAHHHHHH!!"
The entire Tsquad screams as their powerlevels soar, red and brown flames surround them all.

Meanwhile, below in the Coffee house. Jeremy's eyes fix and he stands up strait, then clenches his fists. "they're here...but..no...that power cannot be...BLACK AND BLUE MOVE OUT!" The four burst out of the coffee shop surrounded by Black and Blue flames, they power up and fly into the clouds..
The Tarasquad reaches full power.. "By now they must have felt our power...so let's hunt them down and take them out!" Then in between Tara and her squad Amanda appears. Amanda extends her hand and releases a blast right to Tara's face. The smoke clears and Tara stands laughing..."HAHAHA! What was that supposed to do!?" Amanda's jaw drops in disbelief..with a swift kick to the stomach Amanda is sent flying back into the TaraSquad who engulf her. Fists and blasts fly everywhere.

A few yards away Heather appears.."Amanda! NOOOO!!" Heathers eyes turn black and blakc flames burst from all around her, blocking out the sun. With the TaraSquad blinded Jer and Chris make a rescue and bring Amanda back from the middle of the TaraSquad..
"What were you thinking!?" yelled Chris.
"I didn't know they were so strong.." said Amanda as she started to pass out.

"I don't think any of us did...where is Blake when we need him, without him we cannot form Danzig."
Said Jeremy.

Heather then lowers the black flames and allows the sun to shine..
"Tarasquad, you have challenged the Black and Blue crew, we are not the full force, Lockman has come up missing...without him your challenge is weakened."

Tara then turns to her crew, then looks back at the BBC...
Then the entire Tsquad attacks...
The battle is a fury of kicks, punches and blasts, eventually falling from the sky into the city, destroying buildings and cars.

"STOP!!!" screams a young man atop a building....but the battle rages on...
"Can't you see you are hurting innocent people!?"
but the battle does not stop...

"Okay you asked for it." I summon the powers of VOLTRON!"

Then a huge robot falls from the sky and Jason jumps inside..

The crews spilt from the battle and Voltron stands inbetween them...

"You two crews are destroying the city take this battle somewhere else!"
yells Voltron.

The crews agree and fly off to a place with large fields and no human life.
Voltron then stands and begins to tell the crews of an evil coming that they need to fight together to stop.."his name is unspeakable because it gives him strength..but is power is felt by all.."
Voltron explained..

"Are you talking about me Voltron?! I can't believe you say such things behind my back..HAHAHA!"

Laughed the Dark Figure as he rose from the ground and stood.

"it's him! He's here, he'll destroy us all we must fight!" Voltron then calls on his sword and prepares to do battle with his dark enemy.

BBC and TARASQUAD Then stand side by side and power up.
The dark figure then laughs...

BBC then calls upon their power..

"Davey Havok!"
"Henry Rollins!"
Jer and Chris just power up..
"without Lockman we won't have Danzig!"
yelled Jer.
"Oh yes we will!"
yelled Chris..
"I summon the powers of LOCKMAN!"
Chris then transforms into lockman and he and Jer FUSE INTO DANZIG!!!


yet all attacks prove to be useless against Drama...

The Tarasquad then all fuse into four memebers..

Tara, Steph, Bridget and Moses.
"Alright, let's how this drama monster what we are made of!"

The four girls then summon the powers of prehistoric monsters
and all become DINOSAURS!!

Tara becomes a TREX
Steph become a TRiceritops!
Bridget becomes a stegosaurs!
And Moses becomes...a RAPTOR!

All with the magic powers of HArry Potter!

The two crews work together with Voltron and begin a Battle against Drama..

The battle is long and fierce, Drama is just too strong...
Even Danzig and a T-rex cannot stop him...
the monster beats them all into the ground forcing them to loose their summoned powers..

"it's over...we have lost" says heather as she falls to the ground beside Chris and Amanda who have been laid out..the Tarasquad is smashed under Drama's foot and voltron is destroyed leaving Jason and Jeremy the only two standing..

"I summon the power of Micheal GRAVES!"
Screams Jeremy as he turns into Graves..

Graves attacks Drama and frees the T-squad but the damage is done, everyone is knocked out.
Drama and graves battle but Drama cannot be over taken..
Then a flash of lighting strikes and No surrender is heard in the clouds..
*Lockman Arrives*
'Where have you been!!??"
yells jer
" I learned a new technique!"
Go get the others, and the Tsquad!"
Lockman fights drama while Jer and Jason revive all our fallen heroes.

Lockman joins them all..
"I am sorry I wasn't here, but I have good news...we can all fuse...together to create the greatest warrior this world has ever known..everyone put you hand in!"

All the warriors did and screamed FUSION!

Drama looked around but all the fighters were gone...

Then the sky turned RED AND YELLOW!
Echoed through the sky!
Then a Giant Hulk Hogan appeared and gave Drama the big boot and the Hogan Leg drop.
Destroying Drama and saving the world.

After the war the two crews realized they are all friends and have more in common than they thought.
No longer did they fight over the city, instead they went to the Pizza that was CiCi's. Working together to save the world one episode at a time..
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The Drama [18 Sep 2005|03:33pm]

Drama is the root of all evil.
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