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The BBC/Tarasquad meets the Emoformers Part 1.

It was a calm, fall evening and the members of the BBC were hanging out at their headquarters. It had been a time of peace since the alliance of the BBC and the Tarasquad. There had been no battle, the beast called Drama was sent back to hell where it belongs, and everyone was happy. Amanda and Heather were playing MASH with Chris and Blake, Jeremy was playing Castlevania, and Jason was watching. All was peaceful. All of a sudden, Heather's Nintendo DS/Scanner/Communicator began to beep. "Hmm, that'd odd." She said as she walked over to pick it up. She flipped open the screen to see a message from Tara, the leader of the Tarasquad. The message read:

Dear friends,
My scanners are beeping off the wall. There is a strange force of STRONG energy coming from the Highlands. I have no idea what this is. My squad and I are going to investigate it right now. We have no idea if this force is good or evil, but your backup would be much appreciated. If you can come and help out, be there...now!

"Well guys, you know what this means..." Blake said. "Aww...but times are so peaceful right now," Jeremy replied, "Can't I finish this level on Castlevania?" "No, I'm afriad not. The Tarasquad needs us so we need to be there for them." Blake said. "Let's just hope this energy force is nothing to really worry about." Chris said. "When do we ever have anything to worry about?" asked Amanda, "We are the BBC. We have Danzig on our side."

The BBC geared up and began their journey to the Highlands. In the distance, they could see pink and yellow flames surrounding the area. "This can't be good." Heather said. "I sure am going to miss that time of peace." said Jason. The BBC approaced the area, where they say the Tarasquad floating in the air. There were pink blasts being fired at them. Tara looked down to see the members of the BBC standing there, looking confused. "BLACK AND BLUE CREW! This force is strong than I thought, pleas hel..." but before Tara could finish her sentence, she was cut off by the words "BROKEN HEART ATTACK!" and fifty pieces of a broken heart came flying at her, sending her into a building. "Broken heart attack!?! What's that?!" asked Jeremy. From behind a building, a young man rose. He was dressed in girl pants, a t-shirt that read "DON'T CRY EMO KID"! and there were pink stars and hearts surrounding him. "I am Nathan," said the young man, "I am the leader of the Emoformers, and we are here to destroy this city!" "But why do you want to harm this city?!? What did it ever do to you?" asked Amanda. "What did this city ever do to me?!?" Nathan asked with a chuckle, "I'll tell you what this city did to me. This city broke my heart. I gave it all away to a girl from here, I told her that with my one last gasping breath I'd apologize for bleeding on her shirt. Then she took my heart and tore it up in little pieces. Then I took a spoon, dug out her blue eyes, and swallowed them down to my colan! Now it burns like hell tonight! And I'm pissed!" Then a group of fifty emo kids, including Phil, rose up behind Nathan. "We are wishful thinkers with the worst intentions! Now her hair is everywhere, screaming infidelities and taking it's wear! Destroy them!" said Nathan.

What will happen between the BBC, the Tarasquad, and the Emoformers? Will the BBC/Tarasquad finally be conquered? Find out next time, when The BBC/Tarasquad alliance meets the Emoformers continues!
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