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why danzig why?? prt 3!

When we last left our heroes the authorities had them and Evil Danzig surrounded.

The helicpoters surrounded the group wielding miniguns ready to fire the first person who moved.

Danzig left out a howl and was turned into swiss cheese by the miniguns. The BBC stood scared for their lives until Jason summoned Voltron!

Voltron dropped down and the BBC all jumped inside, once inside Jason drove Voltron back to the secret BBC headquarters of The Culbertson Mansion. Deep beneth the graveyard and the Mansion The BBC and the mysterious ninja collected what had just happened.

"Those shots couldn't have killed Danzig, it takes silver bullets to kill a werewolf, but I guarantee they have him in a maximum prison." said Jeremy.

"That's not all, my DS has a message from our friends the Tararsquad! They were under attack and now they have been imprisoned as well." said Heather as she read her DS.
"The Tarasquad is set for execution along with Danzig tomorrow! The United States sees them as a threat and now they have a price tag on our heads!" screamed Heather.

Then the mysterious ninja removed her mask...

The BBC's jaws dropped in disbelief.

"LAURA LOVE!!!???? You are the great ninja!?" yelled Chris.

"It has been quite some time my friends, but I came in search of help from Blake and Jeremy, then I planned to go find Tara and go back to my home village and fight off a terrible evil that has taken over, but it seems you all have much larger problems at hand, I am here to help and hopefully you all can come help me after we free our friends." said Love.

"of course we will!" said Amanda.

"Laura it is good to see you again, your help here will be crucial." said Jeremy.

"Let's rescue our friends, get Danzig under our control and meet the Authorities head on and blow that prison wide open." said Chris as the Black and Blue crew suited up.

All of the members dressed in all black with a blue Bat symbol on the chest.

Meanwhile inside the prison,
"I don't wanna be here in your london dungeon" sang Danzig as he leaned against the wall.
"Would you shut up!? You've been singing that song for the last 3 hours!" yelled Tara as she gave Danzig the evil eye from the jail cell across from him.
"Look runt, you'd better watch your mouth or when I do kill you, I'll make sure it's slow and painful!"

"yeah right "glen" this prison strips you of your powers just like it does the rest of us." said Stephanie Moses.

Outside of the Prison the BBC moved through treetops, "The tower in the center of the prison is a device that absorbs all superpowers, that's how they are keeping all of our friends powerless." said chris as he analyized the area with his DS.

"Heather we have to make this as dramatic as we can, give us some cover darkness...let's move." said Blake.

The guards in front of the prison notice a change in the sky..

"Hey earl, why is it so dark out here??"
"I dunno, jebidai, what the heck is that on the Horizon.."

"it looks like 6 figures...coming to destroy the world!!! and a Giant robot!"

The sky is blackened and the BBC powers up screaming as black and blue flames cover the land.


The guards then open fire...

"so be it. Everyone ready...let's do it!"

The BBC all stand in a line even Voltron stands in the line up as they put their hands together by their waists....

"KA-ME-HA-ME-HHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!" They all send a huge Kamameha blast that destroys the front of the prison and the tower. Then all of the super powers of their friends are released.

A huge T-rex erupts from inside the Prison along with an army of people flying on broomsticks and casting spells.Danzig jumps through the roof as a werewolf. The prison is over taken and the TS escapes along with Danzig and the BBC.

more to come later......
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hahaha the bbc dresses like nightwing?
yayyyy im in a story and it wasw awesome!

i need to write one, cause it is cool. lol
haha yes! awesome! i love the random names fro the prison guards haha