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BBC enter the graveyard

When we last left our heroes, Blake, Heather, and Amanda had all been killed by Danzig.
Jer had transformed into a Leatherface type and cut Danzig to pieces, then he cut off Danzig's face and wore it as a mask. Chris and Jason got freaked out by this and ran away.

The Tarasquad regrouped and enducted Laura Love, the sxe ninja into their ranks.

Since then 2 months have passed in BBC world.

The entire city realized The BBC were good guys and had a huge memorial service for the fallen heroes.
Leatherface Jer did not attend.
Jason and Chris rode Voltron in and did a sword salute to their friends.
Eyes full of tears, Chris and Jason were all that was left of the BBC.

After the service Chris and Jason held a meeting with the media.

"We are here to annouce that we are no longer going to be the BBC, with only the two of us, The BBC is forever lost." said Jason.

"We thank you all for being such jerks and not believing in us until our team mates were dead."
Said Chris as he walked off stage and flew away into the distance.

Jason then jumped into Voltron and flew away..that was the last anyone had seen of the BBC...

The two months have been hell..
Crime has sky rocketed.
Supervillans have formed new alliances and there is noone left to defend the city.
The Tarasquad has been MIA..
The city is helpless and burning to the ground.

Meanwhile in the real hell...

A leatherfaced jer fights his way through armies of demons, until he reaches his goal...


"How did you get here??!!" screamed Danzig

"You asked if I wanted to find hell with you, so Danzig..please show me what it's like..." Jer said as he attacked Danzig. The two battled, chainsaws buzzing, "Mothers!" screaming..
"Danzig! You killed my friends, so I killed you! You have them trapped here, release their souls from your skull forest or I will kill you, again." said Jer and he fired up his chainsaw..

No matter how hard jer fought he couldn't kill Danzig again, he was already in Hell..soon Jer started to fade away and he was teleported back to the graveyard where his friends were buried..

"I tried my friends, I tried..I will not give up" he said has he walked away into the darkness..

The city now full of death and crime was becoming a pure wasteland.

Leatherface Jer fought crime but he stood no chance by himself.

weeks went by and things got worse, the police were all killed, the officals that ran the city were all killed and their positions filled by supervillians who had turned the city into a sfe haven for all supervillians...

One night during their meeting all the light went out, and three figures were seen in the room..The sound of a dragggin shovel was heard and "BRAINS!" was screamed followed by the sound of screaming and crunching and chewing..
The next morning the room was found by other villians..

The walls were covered in smeared blood..
"it looks like somebody exploded." said one of the vilians..
"All their brains have been ripped out and are missing.."

The city began to wonder what force could have killed that many villians..

The graves of Blake, Amanda and Heather were found to be dug up and empty..

What could all of this mean??
Why would someone steal their bodies?
Are Chris and Jason going to come back and help the city?
Does leatherfaces' chainsaw run out of gas??

All this and more next time on BBC!
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