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Graveyard Ghouls: "Halloween ends"

The Graveyard Ghouls, Amanda, Jeremy, Heather, Skip and Blake walked down Main street, heading towards the enemy base. The base was the tallest building in Metro City and it housed all the criminals and super villians that had turned the city into a wasteland.

The five figures looked upon their target, "You know our time here is short..Halloween will be over soon and we will be forced back into our graves." said Blake. "Then we don't have anytime to waste, let us summon the army of zombie children." said Heather as she raised her hands into the air.

The ground began to shake. The concrete cracked and split as smoke and ashes erupted from ground. An army then arose, an army of zombie children who hungered to devour evil. The army covered the entire street from building to building, street corner to street corner, the ground beneath them could not be seen. They surrounded the building and began forcing their way in.

"What is going on out there?! Don't these kids know trick or treating in this town is dangerous!? Why are there so many of them, I thought we destroyed the Zoo there should be no Halloween parade. Why are they all dressed up like Zombies?" said Earl a street thug who watched in horror as the kids burst throught he doors and windows. Earl didn't last long before he was eaten. Nor did any of the first few floors of criminals.

The Graveyard Ghouls looked to the roof. "The kids are coming up from the bottom, we'll start at the top and work our way down, then we'll meet in the middle and the city will be rid of these parasites." said Jer. "I guess this is where I come in.." Amanda said as she powered up, "I SUMMON THE BATS OF CASTLEVANIA!" The sky became black as a legion of bats poured out from the clouds surrounding the Ghouls and lifting them into the sky. "Wait a second! I am the castlevania buff, why do you get to summon the bats?" yelled Jeremy in confusion. "Because Blake is writing the story and he said so!" yelled Amanda.
The bats dropped them ontop of the building and they began the onslaught.

Criminals ripped to pieces, even Daygoon the mighty crime boss was easily destroyed. Chainsaws, screams, shovel slicing, flesh and skin ripping, random attacks being yelled out could be heard through the building. For the badguys, this was the worst Halloween ever.
For the city it was cleansing that would promise a new birth of life in Metro city.

The damage was done and the evil was devoured.
The army of zombie kids went back to their resting place after playing a friendly game of dodgeball with the GraveYard Ghouls.
"I love those zombie kids, they are so cute." said Heather as the kids returned back to the ground.
"I agree, we should summon them more often." said Amanda.

Jer stood with his friends, knowing that sunrise was only a moment away and they would return to the grave. "Thank you my friends, I am done with this chainsaw and mask. I am going to go find Jason and Chris and return the BBC back to it's state so this will never happen again.

The sun then came up and the sunlight shot like a beam into the Ghouls....
They fell to the ground.

"Graveyard Ghouls you have done well, you saved the city, for that you have earned more time here on earth arise with the new life and continue to fight evil."
Said a booming voice from above.

"God?" questioned Blake.

"No Brother, This is HULKAMANIA! I grant you all new super powers! The Grave YARD GHOULS ARE GONE FOR A SEASON, but you five shall arise as a new team. Say your prayers and take your vitamins, and let Hulkamania run wild forever!!" said the booming voice.

All the members got up and discovered they were no longer zombies, but human again, super human that is.

A green cape floated down and wrapped itself around Blake along with a black mask. A mixture of wind and water blew around him.
Heather was covered by vampire bats and given a black cape and Bat mask.
Skip was engulfed in a blue flame, given a welding helmet and a torch
A scarf and sunglasses fell upon Jeremy
Amanda stood with no new gift..

"Hulkster!!! WAIT I DIDN'T GET A POWER!" she screamed.

"look inside yourself Brother and find the SuperHero in you! WHATCHA GONNA DO!!" said the voice as it faded away.

"Let's go find our friends."

"Team Go!!!"
they all screamed like annoying Anime characters!
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