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BBC episode 15

"I thought this was the meeting place?" asked Chris to his friends. "It is Chris, they'll be here." replied Heather. "Well they need to hurry up, I'm ready to squash those punks and go eat." said Amanda as she paced back and forth in the crowded coffee shop. "Can somebody tell me why we said we'd meet them here? We HATE this place, it's like walking into their homebase...we are on their turf here."
said Jeremy as he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, staring at the floor.

The four wait anxiously in the coffee shop while the busy city moves outside. High above them an army waits. All flying in the clouds the TARASQUAD awaits the command of their leader...TARA!
"Alright troops I see 67 of the 82 members have shown up for this fight, we don't have time to wait on the others to show." said the blonde girl as she faced her warriors. "The Black and Blue Crew have taken up too much of our territory, so we must show them who exactly runs this city! Now everyone power up to your full strength! When they feel the ultimate power we have they will bow before us! AAAAHHHHHH!!"
The entire Tsquad screams as their powerlevels soar, red and brown flames surround them all.

Meanwhile, below in the Coffee house. Jeremy's eyes fix and he stands up strait, then clenches his fists. "they're here...but..no...that power cannot be...BLACK AND BLUE MOVE OUT!" The four burst out of the coffee shop surrounded by Black and Blue flames, they power up and fly into the clouds..
The Tarasquad reaches full power.. "By now they must have felt our power...so let's hunt them down and take them out!" Then in between Tara and her squad Amanda appears. Amanda extends her hand and releases a blast right to Tara's face. The smoke clears and Tara stands laughing..."HAHAHA! What was that supposed to do!?" Amanda's jaw drops in disbelief..with a swift kick to the stomach Amanda is sent flying back into the TaraSquad who engulf her. Fists and blasts fly everywhere.

A few yards away Heather appears.."Amanda! NOOOO!!" Heathers eyes turn black and blakc flames burst from all around her, blocking out the sun. With the TaraSquad blinded Jer and Chris make a rescue and bring Amanda back from the middle of the TaraSquad..
"What were you thinking!?" yelled Chris.
"I didn't know they were so strong.." said Amanda as she started to pass out.

"I don't think any of us did...where is Blake when we need him, without him we cannot form Danzig."
Said Jeremy.

Heather then lowers the black flames and allows the sun to shine..
"Tarasquad, you have challenged the Black and Blue crew, we are not the full force, Lockman has come up missing...without him your challenge is weakened."

Tara then turns to her crew, then looks back at the BBC...
Then the entire Tsquad attacks...
The battle is a fury of kicks, punches and blasts, eventually falling from the sky into the city, destroying buildings and cars.

"STOP!!!" screams a young man atop a building....but the battle rages on...
"Can't you see you are hurting innocent people!?"
but the battle does not stop...

"Okay you asked for it." I summon the powers of VOLTRON!"

Then a huge robot falls from the sky and Jason jumps inside..

The crews spilt from the battle and Voltron stands inbetween them...

"You two crews are destroying the city take this battle somewhere else!"
yells Voltron.

The crews agree and fly off to a place with large fields and no human life.
Voltron then stands and begins to tell the crews of an evil coming that they need to fight together to stop.."his name is unspeakable because it gives him strength..but is power is felt by all.."
Voltron explained..

"Are you talking about me Voltron?! I can't believe you say such things behind my back..HAHAHA!"

Laughed the Dark Figure as he rose from the ground and stood.

"it's him! He's here, he'll destroy us all we must fight!" Voltron then calls on his sword and prepares to do battle with his dark enemy.

BBC and TARASQUAD Then stand side by side and power up.
The dark figure then laughs...

BBC then calls upon their power..

"Davey Havok!"
"Henry Rollins!"
Jer and Chris just power up..
"without Lockman we won't have Danzig!"
yelled Jer.
"Oh yes we will!"
yelled Chris..
"I summon the powers of LOCKMAN!"
Chris then transforms into lockman and he and Jer FUSE INTO DANZIG!!!


yet all attacks prove to be useless against Drama...

The Tarasquad then all fuse into four memebers..

Tara, Steph, Bridget and Moses.
"Alright, let's how this drama monster what we are made of!"

The four girls then summon the powers of prehistoric monsters
and all become DINOSAURS!!

Tara becomes a TREX
Steph become a TRiceritops!
Bridget becomes a stegosaurs!
And Moses becomes...a RAPTOR!

All with the magic powers of HArry Potter!

The two crews work together with Voltron and begin a Battle against Drama..

The battle is long and fierce, Drama is just too strong...
Even Danzig and a T-rex cannot stop him...
the monster beats them all into the ground forcing them to loose their summoned powers..

"it's over...we have lost" says heather as she falls to the ground beside Chris and Amanda who have been laid out..the Tarasquad is smashed under Drama's foot and voltron is destroyed leaving Jason and Jeremy the only two standing..

"I summon the power of Micheal GRAVES!"
Screams Jeremy as he turns into Graves..

Graves attacks Drama and frees the T-squad but the damage is done, everyone is knocked out.
Drama and graves battle but Drama cannot be over taken..
Then a flash of lighting strikes and No surrender is heard in the clouds..
*Lockman Arrives*
'Where have you been!!??"
yells jer
" I learned a new technique!"
Go get the others, and the Tsquad!"
Lockman fights drama while Jer and Jason revive all our fallen heroes.

Lockman joins them all..
"I am sorry I wasn't here, but I have good news...we can all fuse...together to create the greatest warrior this world has ever known..everyone put you hand in!"

All the warriors did and screamed FUSION!

Drama looked around but all the fighters were gone...

Then the sky turned RED AND YELLOW!
Echoed through the sky!
Then a Giant Hulk Hogan appeared and gave Drama the big boot and the Hogan Leg drop.
Destroying Drama and saving the world.

After the war the two crews realized they are all friends and have more in common than they thought.
No longer did they fight over the city, instead they went to the Pizza that was CiCi's. Working together to save the world one episode at a time..
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