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Here is what I emailed to Holly


Hello, I am glad to say I think our haunted house is running well this year and we seem to be getting overall a good response from people. City Blood, let's face it they don't know how to review. They just label themselves as reviewers and all of their reviews seemed pretty lame, all they seem to care about is the props, enough about them though, let's move on to the house.

I have a few concerns. The second night of the house I wanted to work outside. I didn't feel that there was any room in the house I could fill, my type of character just wasn't in the house. So I got zombied up, headed outside, found a shovel and went along my merry way.

Every spook has a nitch, every spook is better at some things than others. I couldn't be leather face, or a gargoyle..there are jobs certain spooks can and certain jobs spooks cannot do. I am not writing this to be prideful, or arrogant in anyway, you know me well enough that I am a pretty down to earth guy.

The next weekend , Amanda and Heather came outside to work with me and Skip. These girls were amazing, the chemisty we all four have outside is not like anything I have had working at a haunted house before. I'll admit, one zombie is not scary by any means, but when you have four who stay in character all night, have routines and skits worked out and constantly work with each other as a team to mess with people it works, and even those chumps of City Blood thought that it worked well.

Here is my problem, I am not knocking the other spooks but I don't feel that the other spooks (outside of skip, amanda and heather) well I don't think being a Zombie is their nitch. Like I said I don't want you to think I think they are horrible spooks, but being in character all night and working as a team is hard for some people.
Acting like a zombie is hard for some people, especially all night. Others who have come out have a big problem with breaking character and just talking to people they know, ruining the experiance for the whole group. Or not working with us as a team, not to mention doing really stupid crap like taking a guys hat and chewing on it, for real! The guy was not too happy about that.

The fact that a large part of the house wants to work outside confuses me because before we started this Zombie team thing, not very many people cared. People have different things they are good at and I don't want to sound mean, but for some, zombies just isn't one of them.
I don't know names, but the girl from the blue face room, her talent is so much stronger in there, The really big guy who spooked with us last night, yeah he's big and scary, but he is much bigger and even more scary with a chainsaw or cornering someone in a room, not rolling around on the ground and chewing on people's hats.

I understand you have a problem, you have a house you have to fill.
You have spooks who want to work outside.
I understand the house comes first, we have to fill those rooms and that doesn't bother me at all that's the way it needs to be, we have to have a fully running haunted house but when we do have enough people to go outside, I feel like the outside is our "room" and when everyone in the house keeps trying to get in our "room" I feel it messes with the awesome chemistry and design we already have going. It's just like the clowns from back in the day, they had about four clowns who were amazing and worked so well together they didn't need any other clowns. What they had going worked.

We have a routine, we have a team, and we work well together. I would like to keep this going, it seems to be a great new way to spook outside with a team of zombies.

So in closing, sorry this is so long but I wanted to let you know what was going on with me and the rest of the graveyard ghouls.
I will be there tonight for a short while, but tonight and the 29th are the only nights of the entire season that I will not be around the whole time. Thank you for reading and taking my thoughts into consideration,

your spooktacular friend,
Shovel, I mean...Blake..
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